Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is World Events Game

    World Events Game is a skill based Fantasy & Event Game, where players can win Cash & Prizes. Questions are offered from real world events for players to answer. Players compete by answering questions and entering contest. Virtual stocks are offered to represent answers, with price changes effected by real world events. US based est. 9-31-2010

  • Can I bet on this site

    No, World Events Game is a skill based game and no wagers are allowed on the site or between players. World Events Game conforms to the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement act of 2006 which exempts fantasy sports games & contest that reflects knowledge or skill of the participants. Any wagering between players on this site will constitute immediate suspension of accounts.

  • Deposits, Withdraws & Prize Claims

    Method of deposit & withdraw at this time is PayPal. Deposits are credited to accounts in 24-48 hours. Withdraws and Prize claims are processed in 24-48 hours, after margin repayments are complete, if any is due. PayPal withdraws will only be sent to account holders registered verified PayPal account. Prize claims will only be shipped to account holders registered address.

  • What is Margin

    Margin is a credit given to players for referrals and special events and contest. Players can use margin to buy stock and enter contest. All margin must be repaid back to the site prior to all prize claims and cash withdraws.

  • Stocks Locked

    In players account view, you will see a list of stock ownership. Stock symbols represent stock shares owned. If (locked ) beside a stock symbol, this means a stock is currently locked in play in a contest. Stocks are locked in play when used in contest and cannot be sold until contest completion and stocks unlock.

  • Stock Values & Commissions

    Real world events change the values of stocks: Event loss change of value of each share is: Football-10%, Baseball-7%, Basketball-7%. This % is applied to each player owned share to create a total transfer amount. The transfer amount is divided by the amount of player owned shares in the Event, and added to each share. World Events game receives a 5% commission on all stock buy trades and a 5% commission on all sell trades.

  • Stock Buy back

    After Contest completion World Events Game guarantees to buy back all stock used in game contest. Buy back will be at current market price, which may vary depending on the outcome of events. Contest completion determined by eventual wrong answer or contest end date.

  • How to Join

    Registration is always free. Account verification by a minimum $1.00 deposit from a verified PayPal account is required to play. Once players have registered and made a $1.00 minimum deposit, a $50.00 Margin is credited to the new account. $1.00 PayPal deposit will be the registered account holders link for withdraws. Multiple accounts are not allowed and players opening or operating multiple accounts will be suspended


    Members receive $25.00 Margin for referrals, if their name shows up in the referred box, when a new member joins. Margin is applied after the referral has registered their account and made a minimum $1.00 deposit from a verified PayPal account.

  • Have Questions

    Just click How to Play or contact us on the bottom of the site left sidebar.

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